How the LCD and LED Works on Your 32 inch TV

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How your LCD TV works

The LCD screen made up from a liquid crystal gel that pressed on between the two panes of polarized glass. The key features are the reduced physical depth of the device as compared to the older cathode ray tube (CRT) and offer you a higher picture resolution. Starts from the moment you use your 32 inch TV, the electric current will pass the LCD and altering the structure. The liquid crystal molecules coil and uncoil will create a shuttering effect which the light itself it allowed to pass through or not. The results are a variation in light and dark on your 32 plasma TV screen, this is what we call with the image. The liquid crystal doesn’t create their own light like the plasma TV, they requires another light source to produce an image and the screen is lighten by the fluorescent tubes.

How your LED TV works

Basically, the LED TV is the new generation of LCD TV. As the newer version, they don’t use the fluorescent tubes anymore, they used a series of light emitting diodes (LED) instead.  Generally there are three basic types of LED televisions and each of them has the specific format. The first one is the White Edge LED type, they use a special diffusion panel together with white LED around the edge of the screen to disperse light at the back of the screen. The second type is the full LED Arrays, they placed behind the screen and get controlled collectively by the disperse light at the back of the screen and then the third type, the local dimming LED. It is an array with the dynamic LED that get controlled individually or groups to get the evenly adjusted light pattern.

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