How to Go about Painting your Garage Floor

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A good looking floor will add value to your garage. The garage does require care and maintenance from time to time to ensure that it lasts longer. The maintenance may require you to Replace Garage Door Cables El Paso or attend to other parts of the garage including the door itself. You may also be required to repaint the floor to give it that appealing look. The garage is very important in not only protecting the vehicle from theft and harsh weather but it also adds to the value as well as the appearance of the home. This is why it must be accorded the care it deserves.

When painting your garage floor, there are some things that you should do to ensure that you get a perfect finish. The mistake that people do is to apply fresh paint on top of the old paint or on a dirty floor. Before you can go ahead to use a paint brush, you need to make use of a broom and a washer. You should ensure that there is no grease, oil or even rust on the floor. These must be removed so as to avoid their effects on the look of the painted floor. You should fill any cracks on the floor.

Once you are sure that your floor is ready for painting, you can go ahead to prepare it for this. Carry out a moisture test where you think that the water might affect your painting. You will need to put a good vapor barrier so as to prevent the effect of the water on the paint. You can then perform a sealant test if also you are not sure that the floor had been sealed at some point. You can pour water on the floor and if it does not soak fast, then the floor had some sealant. You will then need to etch the floor then seal and finally apply the paint.  Learn more about garage care and maintenance at

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