Join Jamberry Nails MLM Opportunity to Earn Huge Commission

Jamberry Nails MLM

Jamberry Nails is the renowned company for a wide variety of nail wraps with fun and different designs. The company also offers MLM business opportunity. The nail wraps are made out of non toxic materials and can be applied easily onto your nails. There are over 250 designs and you can apply them easily at home, thus preventing you from the expanses of salon visits for expensive manicure and pedicure sessions. So, if you are passionate about nail art and want to join the company to earn money from Jamberry Nails MLM opportunity then you need to sign up as a consultant by paying a fee of $99.    

The most interesting thing about the company is that they are upfront with their commissions and compensation plan. At the time of signing with the company you will receive a starter kit along with a personal website for 3 months. The consultants need to sell the products to earn commissions. The Jamberry Nails MLM opportunity allows you to earn commissions from the sales made by the independent consultants under you. You start at 30% commission when get up to high volume and additional 3-10 percent in sales bonus. For more rates on commission and details visit our official website today.


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