The Younique Compensation Plan Younique Review

Younique Review

In sales, the month continually starts over on the first.  This chart is wondrous as a result of it graphs it on the method for you thus you'll be able to see wherever you exchange your monthly progress. As your team grows, thus can your monthly team volume thus don't worry, every month you get to successive lever quicker! WHITE – this is often wherever each presenter starts. Once you reach $1000 accumulative, you're then thought of YELLOW level! You earn two hundredth on each sale you have got beginning out….including your personal sales (paid each three.5 hours once a sale). YELLOW – you may want $1000 for Younique Review in life personal retail sales that square measure accumulative month to month thus you'll get to $1000 in a very week or three months. You may ne'er go below twenty-fifth on your retail sales. Once you have got $1000, you then square measure paid twenty-fifth on your PRS for a life. Each month, each presenter starts back over at yellow.

PINK – you would like a minimum of $250 in PRS, one person on your first line (personally sponsored or rolled up) that sells $125. Your entire team must sell $2000 Company wholesale. (The third is paid in a very payment for the entire month on the eighth of the follow month). You earn twenty-fifth on your personal sales however additionally third on your company wholesale quantity.

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