Tips For Fossil Collecting

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Not only is collecting fossils an excellent hobby, but a great investment too. Since fossils are rare, they never decrease in value. Collectors should focus in high quality and various fossils to add to their collection. A beginner collector should invest in marine fossils such as the dastilbe fish or pyritized ammonites.

Shark teeth always make great pendants! Geisenoceras, which are fossilized squid, give a wow factor to the particular collection. Geisenoceras are usually polished and are quite impressive. You cannot have a very fossil marine collection with no sand dollars. Fossilized sand dollars have converted into stone and will not really break like modern crushed stone dollars do. Fossilized crushed stone dollars, such as the ones from Baja, California, assortment in colors from lemon to brown to cream colored. If you want to enhance your knowledge about fossils then you should navigate through

Most fossil collectors have gems and minerals in their collection. Minerals are usually inexpensive and there is a large variety available. A beginner collector should invest in rainbow fluorite. Rainbow fluorite comes in a number of colors including purple, white, and green and usually carries a marbled look. Amethyst is another great mineral that varies from light purple to some deep purple. The crystals range between small to large and provide off great sparkle. Moqui marbles are often known as Shaman rocks, which were believed to get healing powers, provide security, and stimulate the CHI. Some feel that these hollow stones were formed from your meteor hitting the planet, while others believe them to were formed by volcanoes.

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